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Our Team

Our team of Sandy Loam’s guides and instructors bring their diverse backgrounds and experiences to create an inclusive community for young people.

Aishwarya Kancharla


Aishwarya realized early on that her career would be devoted to working with families and communities. But, she didn’t expect to follow in her family's footsteps as an educator, pursuing a career path focused on children’s and women’s health & human rights instead. The endless and exciting possibilities that exist in education and community development ultimately brought her back to her family’s calling. She is proud to be a part of Sandy Loam Sustainable Communities and looks forward to working with the next generation of leaders.

Tammy Eaton

Farm and Enrichment Program Specialist

Tammy is passionate about children’s hands-on learning. She grew up camping, hiking, fishing, and visiting her grandfather’s dairy farm in Upstate New York. She began volunteering and working with children at the age of 12 and forged her path as a teacher early by taking early childhood education classes in high school. She earned her AA in Early Childhood Education and worked in 3 different schools over 7 years.
After attending Sonoma State University for Psychology, she became heavily involved in Girl Scouts, initially with her daughter's troop and held every position imaginable from Recruiter to Day Camp Director to Trainer for over 13 years. She looks forward to sharing her lifetime of experience with animals, farming and the outdoors with Sandy Loam children.

Muffin Eaton

Chief of Security

Muffin is the head exterminator at the ranch and has taken her job seriously. She patrols the barns and the property at night. She caught her first gopher and is on her way to becoming a master hunter. Muffin showed up on the ranch in the Fall of 2022. She was so shy that she was rarely seen other than on the cameras. Sometime in January, 2023 she started coming out and watching Tammy work. Tammy worked really hard to gain Muffin’s trust and finally, Muffin fell head over heels in love with Tammy. She loves cuddle time and climbs up on Tammy’s shoulder to snuggle and pur. If allowed, she will even curl up and fall fast asleep on Tammy’s lap. Muffin likes to help with ranch tasks and follows Tammy around the ranch. Emily has also gained Muffin’s trust and has been able to enjoy Muffin snuggles and love as well. Being that Muffin is new to human contact, she is still learning her manners around people. We hope that she will continue to allow people into her inner sanctum and let them love her as much as Tammy and Emily do, but for now, she watches the children from afar and gains lots of admirers.

Emily Eaton-Clark

Teacher's Aide

Emily has been working with children for over 10 years. She has served as a Girl Scout camp counselor for several summers and has worked for the YMCA at an after-school program on the campus of an elementary school. She has attending Counselor in Training courses through Girl Scouts and the YMCA. Emily is very creative and artistic. She brings that creativity to her job here at Sandy Loam. She is known for her kind ways with animals and her ability to get the shyest of them to befriend her. When not at Sandy Loam, you can find her working on her fairy garden business, creating art or spending time with her friends and her own pets.